I found out that I couldn’t live with my maiden name as a result of the process


I want to live under my maiden name.
I’m getting married, but I want to keep my maiden name.

I’m a guy and I wonder how people would react if I changed my last name
I wonder what the procedure will entail.

We solve these problems.

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・Merit and demerit of writing maiden name together
・How to change your name.
・The situation where the maiden name is useful
・People’s reaction when a man changes his name

Basis for Explanation

At the end of 2019, I (a man) got married and changed my last name.
The reason is simple: the other party has a child in elementary school.
However, there was no way I could accept it honestly, and I spent many days worrying about it.
So, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications made an announcement at the right time.
November 5, 2019, maiden names go into effect!


We were both very happy that we could live under our maiden names.
And I decided to change my last name because it would have less of an impact on me after I changed it.


Why do you want to keep your maiden name and what are the advantages/disadvantages?

The disadvantage of losing your maiden name is that all of your existence that you spent in your maiden name will disappear from this world.
You will no longer be able to prove any qualifications, licenses, papers, patents, or other records of yours that you have written under your maiden name.
However, by adding your maiden name, you will be able to prove the existence of your maiden name.
This is why the government says that writing both maiden names will lead to women’s advancement in society.

My number card, resident card, and driver’s license.

As soon as the area we live in started to support maiden names, we immediately registered our marriage.
At the same time, I asked for my maiden name to be added to the list.
I was informed that my family register should be changed to my new surname first, and two days after I submitted the notification, I was informed that my application was accepted.
I went to the municipal office again and went through the procedure of adding my maiden name to my number card and resident card.
Then, I got a copy of my resident registration card printed on the spot and went to the driver’s license center to register my maiden name on my driver’s license.
Each procedure took about 10 minutes, I think, and I finished the whole process in half a day.
When I saw that my maiden name was stamped on it, I was relieved that I could now live in my maiden name and pass the year.

My Number_Name change and registration of former family name have been listed by the procedure of concurrent use of maiden name
Driver’s License _ The procedure for combining old and new names has resulted in the new name and old name being listed in the remarks section.

I got the name change request form early in the new year.

At the beginning of 2020, I received an envelope from the company.
The contents were an insurance card, a bank account for salary transfer, and a request form to change the name of a labor credit.
At the end of the year, I showed them my driver’s license with my maiden name on it and asked them to inquire through HR if I could continue to use my maiden name.

Dear HR,

We have completed the process of merging our maiden names, which began recently.
We believe that this will allow us to use our maiden name without any problems, but we would appreciate it if you could confirm this with the other party.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you early in the year.
I look forward to working with you.

I had to change my name to my new one, despite having gone through the process of adding my maiden name…

A few days later I received an answer… all the results are not supported, and I need to change my name to my new one.

People from different companies.

Thank you for always being there for us.
We are aware of your maiden name, but we have not been able to handle it yet, so please change it this time.
I look forward to working with you.

It was a no-brainer. None of them would even consider me for an immediate answer…

In the end, the combination of maiden name and surname only means that you can prove your maiden name, and the contractor decides whether the contract with your maiden name can be kept as it is.

And all of this will be subject to change.
The joy of the end of the year was gone, and I had to change my name to my new one in agony.

I have to change my name to my new one because my passport doesn’t support my maiden name.

Passports have always been able to be processed with both maiden names.


But there’s a problem with this: although it’s listed in brackets on the paper, the IC chip doesn’t contain the maiden name information.
As a result, airline tickets purchased under the maiden name became invalid, and credit cards under the maiden name could not be used in foreign countries, causing a number of problems.
In this regard, nothing has changed in this response, so people who travel or go on business trips to foreign countries will have to change their surname to their new one.

There’s no value in being able to register your maiden name with your maiden name’s seal.

With the new registration system, you can choose either your maiden name or your new name to register your seal.
However, if you choose to register your seal with your maiden name, it is not worth it to register your seal with your maiden name if you are required to change your name like the bank account mentioned above….

Conclusion: doing the maiden name merge is useless at the moment! →It helped!

“‘I see you’re using your maiden name, then you can keep your maiden name!
…I don’t expect to get this kind of answer at all at the moment.
As long as there are no direct recommendations or measures taken by the government against companies that do not support the use of maiden names, I don’t think it will change in the future.

Added on 2020.4.21
My maiden name was helpful in dealing with the tax office!
For more information, please click on the link below.

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Added on 2020.11.4
I just closed a bank account in my maiden name and the maiden name annexation did not help.
It still looks like it will only work in government offices. Please click the following link for more information.

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2021.8.6 Postscript
I submitted my maiden name on my resume for a part-time job and it was rejected.

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These results suggest that
The use of maiden names is not widespread in the private sector, but it is useful when dealing with government agencies.
We can say.

Aside – Did you get adopted as a son-in-law? ~

business associate
business associate

Why did you change your husband’s last name? Was he adopted by his son-in-law?
If you were my son-in-law, you’d be helping me with the housework, of course.
You take good care of the kids, don’t you?


No, sir, I’m not a son-in-law.
There’s a lot going on and the other side changed it, haha…
(This story again… and this is what you think of your son-in-law?)

I was asked this very often at work, my wife more so.

In Japan, it seems that the percentage of men who change their surnames after marriage is 4 percent, so it’s definitely a minor issue.
This has nothing to do with maiden names, but I have found that when a man changes his last name in an in-house marriage, for some reason the questions focus on the wife’s side.
And then he got in a worse and worse mood and I spent a lot of time listening to him complain at night… lol
The procedure for changing your name is simply a matter of checking your wife’s clan in the box for which surname you want to take on your marriage certificate.
A son-in-law represents the adoption of a child by a family member of the preceding one.
A man changing his last name doesn’t necessarily mean he’s adopted by his son-in-law.


・I have written my maiden name on my resident card, driver’s license, and my number card.
Passports are not eligible for maiden names.
・The maiden name system is useful when the public sector is involved, but not in the private sector.
・When a man changes his name, there are many questions from people around him.
・I can only hope that the combination of maiden names will be an opportunity for Japan to become a society where couples can choose to use different surnames.